Tasmanian Tiger: Assault Pack 12

I will begin with full disclosure, this product was given to me for a short write-up by local TT dealer Outdoortactics, I did not get to test this product so this is mostly first impressions. The item was loaned to me, I did not get to keep it, nor was I paid for writing about it or made any agreement on giving it a favorable review, so this will be a fully impartial overview.

The pack is a 12 liter pack that can be worn in multiple ways, more on that further. It consists of 2 compartments and a removable flap.

There is additional section of laser cut PALS webbing underneath the flap so when it is removed you don’t loose that modularity. It also has a loop field for attaching patches that is usable with the flap attached.

The flap offers plenty of storage, for additional items that you might want to access fast, in this case my brain bucket, I wear an XL shell so you can fit plenty of bulky items in there. The back of the flap also has a zippered flat pocket that I find is more useful without a bulky item inserted. It has plenty of adjustment and should keep your items plenty secure but at the same time grant quick access. There is a drain hole on the bottom, very useful in not only when it rains but if you want to store a wet garment, the mesh sides would also help with the drying time.

The flap is easily detachable if you have no need for it

The first compartment is very basic offering no organizational features, good for storing items that are already contained like an IFAK

The main compartment is very roomy for such a small pack and it has loop fields for attaching pouches or other accessories (I wish TT had a bigger offer on those, but so far its mostly contained to basic containers and medical pouches) There is also a compartment that could contain a blader system, but something else as well.

The compartment fits a medium SAPI plate with no problems, here you will say ”why would I want two plates on my back” (please don’t throw your only back plate though you need at least one, even if you don’t plan on running away) I’m getting to that in a moment

You see when you buy the pack you will find these inside this is to attach the pack to a chest rig TT makes and act as an integrated backpack with the option to carry the back plate, which of course the rig itself can’t. Here we come to one of my biggest critiques on this product, its proprietary, you cannot use it with any QASM buckle products which would have been an excellent feature.

We will return to all those attachment systems in a bit. Lets take a look at the back of the pack, here we have a very nice pontoon system for the back. These are great and I wish more plate carriers had an option to fit these, not only do they provide excellent air circulation they will act as a bit of trauma pad, if they are of good quality. OK rant over. The pontoons offer plenty of padding and are constructed of quality air mesh. You can also see the removable shoulder pads, much more comfortable than ones you usually find on these type of plate carrier mountable packs.

One we remove the pontoons we are greeted with a simple PALS system, which means this pack can be attached to almost any plate carrier of the right size, very nice to see that at least here we have no proprietary system and we can use the pack with other manufacturers products. You would also remove the pontoons if you wish to have the pack closer to your back, especially if you want to wear it with a plate carrier but not attach it, you don’t loose comfort but you have the pack sit closer to your carrier.

Lifting the bottom flap we reveal a hook and loop system with which you can attach a cumberband and use the pack either as the back plate bag of a plate carrier or rig, no reason why with little work this shouldn’t work with a lot of carrier’s on the market not just ones from TT. You can also use this to attach a dangler pouch on the back if you wish or any other type of pouches with that type of attachment system.

The removable shoulder pads are also nicely padded with airmesh and have laser cut sections that you could use to attach something like a PTT or even route a cable or drinking tube in a pinch.

The pack should fit on the back of most plate carriers sized to medium SAPI’s, I cannot confirm if you can go smaller as I didn’t have a smaller carrier to try it on

Like a lot of MAP pack inspired back panel packs this will also have a little over hang on the carrier, although you could potentially mount it higher but I never like that

To sum up a very interesting little pack that has a lot of functionality. My biggest gripes with it are the fact that it will not interface with QASM type products. As well as the fact that they only released these in mono-camo, there is not even a regular multicam version or even a ranger green one. A nice alternative to the HSP Flatpack offering better comfort while wearing it as a standalone pack, something that you can only do comfortably with the grey version of the flatpack and that looses the mounting ability, here you can have your cake and eat it too

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