Viktos: Wartorn glove

Here is a short review of an excellent all around glove I’ve been testing for a bit. The Viktos Wartorn glove combines excellent dexterity with some beefier features.

The palm of the glove features synthetic suede material that offers some protection but does not impact the dexterity of the glove like more bulkier gloves with leather palms tend to do. The fingers feature silicone inserts for added grip, so far unlike some of the competitors (that I shall name in their own review) these have held on well trough use and haven’t begun to shed (honestly with some gloves it happens after one day at the range)

You can also see the leather reinforcement that will protect against aggressive stippling on handguns as well as sharp rails on rifles, if you use any variation of the c-clamp grip. It might also protect you from catching something while using that holding a pair of balls grip (you know which one I mean) but those kind of people are probably not reading this so

The thumb and trigger finger can be used with smart devices, good for all the gun bunnies who want to post themselves with guns on instagram immediately. I’m just kidding pretty sure they are not gonna read this either. But if you are cool guy who runs a Kagwerks case for the ATAK’s app you don’t need to remove the gloves to use that device. Also notice how the glove is cut in bending points on the fingers, very nice. I sure hope this gesture is not interpreted as anything, these days you never know at least I didn’t do the OK sign

The palm also has that ”don’t thread on me” vibe which is a bit ruined by a bunch of weirdos just like punisher skulls, but cool nonetheless.

The wrist cinch has a very nice rubberized design as well as a heavy duty cord for pulling the glove on or hanging it of a carabiner

The hook field is decently rugged and should last a long time, I only wish the loop was the same, both tend to fill up with dirt and stuff and loose some of their properties

Now we come to the upper part of the glove the knuckle protector is a very decent rubber design while it is flexible it also offers a lot of protection. If you have ever cleared a door frame bit too fast and close you know its very useful to have some protection on the knuckles. The part closer to the wrist is padded with a soft lining, the lining is also present on the upper part of finers, but not the lower.. In pinch the knuckle protector would give power to one hell of a backhand

They will also help with posting a barricade

Here we see how the leather reinforcments work well while using a vert grip with c-clamp. Before some safety Sally shows up and starts in on me about pointing a firearm at an apartment wall. Its an airsoft gun, I’m alone in the apartment and even if it wasn’t 100% rendered safe no way a bb will go even trough plaster.

Bit of a gimmick with these gloves is the use of the loop field on the fingers for adding lettering, but this in no way diminishes the overall quality of glove and you don’t have to use this feature, you can just leave it blank.

You can purchase the Viktos Moralphabet separately, the gloves will come with #WARTORN letters

Overall a very decent all around glove that offers a mix of dexterity and protection and does both well enough. The glove will also be useful year round if not at extreme temperatures as it offers neither extra insulation nor ventilation, although people need to understand tactical gloves or gloves in general can’t do everything, as with everything it either does some things great or everything horribly. The gimmick of the Moralphabet cannot take away from the fact that this is a great offering in the tactical glove department from Viktos.

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