Ginger’s Tactical Gear: Alpha

Here is a look at the GTG Alpha fanny pack, I first saw this thing on the GTG guys at IWA 2019 and I knew I wanted one. I went with Multicam Black version of the pack (there is a ton of camo’s to choose from) the packs come in two variants the Alpha and the Alpha mini (to simplify the Alpha will fit up to a Glock 19 and the mini will be for smaller handguns) I will be reviewing the Alpha, so some items mentioned might not fit in the mini (if you know me, you know I might end up getting and reviewing the mini as well)

The pack features 3 pockets, two smaller ones and a huge main compartment

The front pocket has extra material sewn in which means your items won’t come in direct contact with the cordura which might be a bit more abrasive on items prone to scratching, I like to keep a pair of sunglasses in there sometimes. The pocket will also fit big phones or similar sized items such as notebooks, my Xs Max fits in no problem

On the outside of the front pocket there is a huge loop field for all your patches, notice the fact that the loop field is the same camo as your pack. A minor detail but its nice that even the smallest detail wasn’t missed.

Now we take a look at the main pocket, saying its big is an understatement. The pocket features a big compartment with 4 elastic loops as well as a small open mesh pocket.

Bottom of the pocket also features a drainage hole, if you want to do the whole slowly exiting out of the water like a Navy SEAL thing, good thing that it will fit a decent sized package of hair gel as well.

The elastic loops can fit a bunch of items, not just pistol mags, but it will fit a Glock 17 mag in each, which means if you want to carry 17 mag’s or an extended mag with your 19 you can (the glock 17 won’t fit in the pack though) You can also easily fit a TQ like the CAT in there

But you don’t necessarily need to use the fanny pack to carry your handgun or ammo for it, the main pocket can be used for a ton of things from everyday items to setting it up like a bushcraft pack. A decent size knife like this mora will easily fit inside with a bunch of other accessories

Here are some gratuitous ”handguns that will fit in the pack” shots though. Like this taurus revolver

Or maybe this Sig P230

Or this thing, I don’t need to know its name… No I’m just kidding its a PM

You can also fit a bunch of STANAG’s I never asked myself if I should, just that if I could

Finally on the back of the pack along with some company trades as well as the super cool made in Poland text (trust me its cool) there is a smaller pocket which has the same lining as the front one, but its still big enough to fit some big items if they are not bulky, like the moleskine notebook or say a passport

The pack has a decent adjustable strap, I have used it over my shoulder with zero issues, so if you are a big guy this should have no issue going around your waist. Its not very thic (yes the joke is old) but honestly I found no discomfort wearing the pack with some weight inside over a longer period.

Overall an awesome little fanny pack that can be adapted for multiple uses, both firearm and non-firearm related. Great for the summer when you want to carry more stuff but not necessarily wear lame cargo shorts. Or for traveling when you want to have more important stuff on hand (you should carry more stuff while abroad) but not carry a backpack. You can also wear it over your shoulder. If someone tells you fanny packs are lame punch them, if you can’t punch them you shouldn’t be wearing a fanny pack, you see its not about looking cool its about being cool. Quick note go with the paracord zipper pulls, nothing wrong with regular ones except that they make a lot of noise, which is why mine are self modified.

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