Tasmanian Tiger: SGL Mag Pouch MCL

I bet everyone in the industry knows what High Speed Gear Taco’s are and most will have looked for a good alternative (see cheaper), but most are crappy knockoff’s, the only ones that seem to come close are the Russian copies, that are blatantly ripping of the HSGI design, which of course is somewhat in the grey area to say the least. But here is one alternative that will keep your credit card from getting maxed out and still retain a good amount of quality, offering the tried and tested design with a bit of a more ”modern” look (everyone who knows me, knows that I strongly dislike laser cut stuff)

Unlike a lot of the taco copies on the market these actually have an insert on the side panels not just bare cordura which some good quality copies lack (that I shall not mention here but I probably will do a review on at least one of them) its not as hard as HSGI’s plastic, seems rubbery even, but its very decent compared to bare cordura that tends to bunch up making reindexing hard. And important part in this type of pouch.

There is a plastic’y insert in the front and back of the pouch which allows them to better keep their structural integrity when empty. A very nice addition. This should also make the use of weirder mags like the original G36 ones (with the coupling lugs) easier as they tend to catch on the inside of the pouch if the material is floppy. I gave one of these for testing to a military buddy who confirmed they would work with G36 mags (our military issues the G36) just like the HSGI ones. The inside of the mag has a rubbery texture which prevents the mags from slipping out, it does not interfere with drawing of mags, either steel or plastic.

And now we come to my only dislike so far, this part is more than likely taken from their civilian counterpart Tatonka and in my opinion unlikely to be as durable as some of the milspec furniture out there. Its also a huge eyesore for a bit of an OCD person like me at least when it comes to gear, I’ve been called a pig in the past, not sure if that was because of me being messy though.

Overall a very decent offering in the ”universal” pouch game, especially when you factor in the price point of this (at least in Europe, not sure what these are priced at in the US, since taco’s are a bit cheaper there) And this from a guy who has been a huge fan of the original Taco’s for a long time, you can see in the pictures I run them on my primary belt setup even now.

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