Ginger’s Tactical Gear: SpeedM4 Pouch

Lets take a look at the Gingers Tactical Gear speedM4 pouch. An excellent simple design that offers a lot of functionality. As the name suggests its made for AR type magazines (they do offer a 9 mil version that should fit a lot of handgun mags) so far I have tested them with STANAG mags as well as PMAG’s from what I have been told by other users Lancers should work fine, but cannot confirm this myself at the moment.

The front of the pouch has a very rigid construction (I’m assuming there is some kind of insert behind the cordura) the back portion has no insert, despite this I’ve had no issues with re-indexing mags into these pouches but its not as easy as with something that has rigid sides, like the TACO pouches.

The side material is elastic (allowing for both good retention as well as more variety on magazine fit) a lot like BFG ten speed type material (or it could be it) personally I always liked the tenspeeds and this is a great alternative, sacrificing the ability to compress them completely when empty for being able to reindex mags.

The inside of the mag pouch is covered in hypalon(?) like texture that exerts a lot of grip on a magazine but does not make draws a hassle

There is enough grip that I’ve had no issues running the pouches upside down (if that is your preference, I don’t do that, but I ran them upside down for testing purposes with zero failures.)

The mounting system is simple allowing for mounting on shorter platforms like belts that only have two rows of PALS webbing. Bottom portion is also elastic but not fully enclosed allowing for drainage if you happen to dunk yourself in some water or do that whole SEALs slowly raising out of the water shtick. You can get these in a ton of the most popular camo’s including OG woodland, all them multicams etc. from GTG webstore. If you happen to run AR15 platform mags this is highly recommended as a good low profile version for both belts and carriers. Covered versions are also available from GTG, if you are straight down the middle type of dude.

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